Monday, February 24, 2014

catch up

well this girl had a birthday.

 photo DSC_0118_zps041e0793.jpg

 photo DSC_0065_zps9354f0b5.jpg

it was such a sweet day. full of princesses and crowns. lemonade and running outside barefoot. perfect.

 photo DSC_0072_zpsd7f0d394.jpg

 photo DSC_0111_zps29cf47ee.jpg

 photo DSC_0125_zpsa8aaf00f.jpg

and you all know how it is. these babies. and the growing up. each year adds so much. there's no stopping it. our only option is to savor and enjoy. because they start right about here:

 photo IMG_1301_zps4c3a5759.jpg

you turn around maybe 3 times and you're here:

 photo DSC_0042_zps5bece7b4.jpg

turn around a few more times (a switch in kids, for the sake of dramatic proof)

 photo DSC_0084_zpsfe404ea7.jpg

and they're jumping on gate slats and beating you in races. it's unbelievable.

i had a birthday myself yesterday and my sisters were here to celebrate. i can't remember the last time i had both of them sitting next to me for my birthday dinner. it was so very nice.

 photo DSC_0074_zps06b180eb.jpg

we went to Carl Sandburg's house for the day. the more i learn about that guy, the more i'm sure we would have been friends. his home has started to feel like home to me. we love it there.

 photo DSC_0063_zps4e20bc9a.jpg

another year of life for my miss and myself. hopeful for what it might bring. i think that as i get older, i make less plans. those expectations get me every time and leave so little room for enjoyment. and i hope that is what i can expect for the year-- more savoring. less hurrying. more stopping and seeing.

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