Tuesday, August 26, 2014

school again

these two started school this past week.

 photo DSC_0002_zpsaf7e6e76.jpg

yep. these two crazy cool kids.

 photo DSC_0017_zps98941424.jpg

(yes. i ask my kids to stand outside under a tree for their first-day-of-school photos. yes. i ask them to put backpacks on. and yes. they also climbed the tree for said photos.)

 photo DSC_0019_zps54841f24.jpg

i can't believe that we've come to that time of year again.

school time.

samuel and i have been doing school at home now for a few years. it has been great. really. it's super hard, sure. but really great. we like it.

and this year...

 photo DSC_0024_zps6ae4a5ea.jpg

we have a joiner.

a kindergartener. man oh man.

 photo DSC_0016_zpsfc593c3b.jpg

we've had a total of 5 school days so far. 5.

it has been going well. we've conquered some new handwriting challenges, some new mathematical ideas and some discipline... things.

but as i've thought about school this past week or so, i keep coming back to myself.

the teacher. and my attitude.

it seems that the success of our days at home depends upon the strength of the very thin thread that is my attitude.

it can make it or break it.

i want to make it.

so badly.

i want our school year to be full of blankets outside. books read aloud. pictures drawn of stuff God has made. stories retold of Greeks and Israelites.

of smiles. of encouragement. of opportunities for growth and insight taken-- leaped upon.

and NOT full of my impatience. my sighs-- the list goes on.

 photo DSC_0030_zps4c494ba6.jpg

these two are fantastic. i'm so glad i get to spend days with them.

this guy's cool too:

 photo DSC_0043_zps5563a014.jpg

and as we all navigate another year of school, i'm thankful that my eyes are already seeing the importance of my perspective. glad i'm already seeing my need. actually glad that my eyes clearly see where i often fail.

so that i will ask for help.

He gives so generously.

here's to a good school year, friend. whatever shape yours takes-- may we be ready to see where we fail and in joyful hope ask the One Who knows and sees to provide. He likes us. He'll listen. He'll answer. i know it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


i was just here:

 photo IMG_1331_zps590c4d1c.jpg

like-- JUST. how many weeks ago? a few, right? but not that many, surely.

 photo IMG_1336_zpsf7cdb458.jpg

 photo IMG_1335_zpsc1eebca0.jpg

and then just like that, we've gone from this:

 photo IMG_1301_zps01ed3695.jpg

to this:

 photo DSC_0002_zps4987fea1.jpg

a birthday. a whole year. 52 whole weeks. you all know-- it's a blink. and yet, it's hard to remember life before those 52 weeks began.

 photo DSC_0074_zps55aebfa0.jpg

the birthday was nice. a good celebration. but i found my own heart torn.

i got to lunch time and wondered. "hm. why on earth am i so crabby? where's the celebration, joanna? what's going on in there?"

 photo DSC_0137_zps2513d2f9.jpg

and when i looked a bit deeper, i found some sadness. some loss. some mourning.

 photo DSC_0117_zpse3380796.jpg

we've moved past paper-thin fingernails. past cuddles and nursing at 2 a.m. and beyond the days where i could set him on the bed and walk away. we're here now:

 photo DSC_0129_zpsad72433e.jpg

a fabulous place. i know. a truly fantastic place. but as i said goodbye to my very last baby year... i had trouble. just a little bit.

 photo DSC_0083_zpsab325a40.jpg

we'll be fine. we started animal sounds this week. he's walking while holding on to my hands with his little chubby fingers. taking those sideways steps that seem like they won't ever straighten into independent mobility. he says "bye-bye" in this sweet whisper-y voice. does a full palm-in-his-mouth kiss-blow. so many fantastic things.

the goodbye is never easy. it just isn't. this mysterious pull of good and sad all rolled up in a birthday. i should be used to it by now.

but i am confident.

we'll be just fine.

 photo DSC_0133_zps33fa3938.jpg

Sunday, August 3, 2014

summer and after

 photo DSC_0036_zpsabf65aed.jpg

well, hello there.

i don't know about your place, but mine has been in the full swing of summer.

 photo IMG_2728_zps33082432.jpg

 photo DSC_0047_zpsa6fcc8cd.jpg

 photo DSC_0099_zpsfbe64373.jpg

we've had visitors.

 photo IMG_2724_zps1282737e.jpg

 photo IMG_2621_zpsc4a9b73b.jpg

we've had days where there is nothing on the schedule. and i mean it: nothing.

 photo DSC_0011_zps7559e792.jpg

 photo DSC_0006_zps4ca65d41.jpg

we've got a couple of birthdays coming up

 photo DSC_0026_zpsd01a079e.jpg

 photo DSC_0009_zps4c8362d5.jpg

and then, do you know what happens?

 photo IMG_2674_zps93738dd1.jpg


school starts.

that's what happens.

school starts.

i do realize that i'm being overly dramatic, but you guys... school.

my breezy days don't feel like embracing the schedule and piles of not-done-yet work that accompanies the start of school.


school comes, regardless of my attitude toward it. so. you know what that means.

 photo IMG_2673_zps26bbb6c6.jpg

an adjustment of said attitude is headed my way. i can feel it.

there are lots of wonderful things about school.
and my little miss is starting. how fun. alphabet crafts and button counting.
it really is bringing a smile just typing those sweet words.

we'll be ok, friends. i just know it.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

a quilt is being given away!


my friend over at {Re}Visionary Life is giving away one of my quilts. yay! please go over and check it out. a lovely space. a lovely person.

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go get it, friends. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

honesty and the fight

the past week or so has been a mish-mash of a bunch of things. which, i suppose, is how life is. just inherently what it is.

 photo IMG_2551_zpsc1430fe8.jpg

we've been loving summer. we've been together. it's been awesome.

 photo IMG_2579_zps850dc89c.jpg

 photo DSC_0001_zpsd3581cc9.jpg

 photo DSC_0005_zps03e10c1b.jpg

 photo DSC_0027_zpsa9ccfd68.jpg

alongside all of these lovely photos-- a fourth of July, a breakfast outside, a trip to a National Park, loving on kiddos and enjoying the days--- alongside it all, has been a battle.

a fight.

a fight familiar.

a fight revisited.

and i've found myself discouraged. discouraged in the fight against fear and anxiety, yes. but also discouraged in the fact that the fight is there at all. i thought i had beat this thing-- thought i had arrived on the other side of something i wouldn't have to see again.

but we all know that that's just not how is goes, right? i won't be perfect-- won't be done fighting with myself until i get that filling breath of eternity. perfection and ease is not going to show up on my door step. not until all of my fights are over.

so for the here and now the fight against so many of my tendencies continues.

i have a few more weapons in my arsenal this time, though. weapons that i know work for me in the battle. each year i hope to gain more weapons-- more wisdom.

i think that the fights we all face would be so much harder without honesty. honesty ends up being a great weapon for me. it's a hard thing. really hard. especially here. in this space. where i have no control over who reads, and how they interpret, and what their opinions are about what i've said. honesty... it's not easy. for any of us.

but it's so good. so so good for us to tell each other what's really going on. so good to hear from a friend that they struggle with doubt sometimes too. that they don't know where God and His gospel fit into their days right now. to hear that the person sitting across from me knows, has been there, has fought, has depended, has failed, has tried again.

we're good for each other. honesty is good for us.

and that's about all i have, friends. Jesus is meeting me in the fight. really. He is. but the fight- for all of us- continues.

so glad we have each other. so glad He invented community, family, friends, people. He makes cool stuff.

 photo IMG_2516_zps88cb8ed0.jpg

Thursday, June 19, 2014

winner announced

thank you all for commenting and sharing. it was so fun to sit and read all the things you like about where you live. thank you.

so--- the comment winner, randomly selected, is...

"One of my favorites is my print of "Her Room" by Andrew Wyeth that my dad framed for me. I had always loved that picture, and for many years I searched for a print. One day my parents noticed it in the museum store and bought it, my dad made the frame for it. I only wish they had seen me open it for Christmas. I was so surprised and emotional about it!"

i will get these to you as soon as i can, hilary. congratulations!

thanks again, all of you. i will be back here soon. i have a larger giveaway coming up in conjunction with some other lovely blogs. continue to shop with that discount code until tomorrow.

a happy happy thursday to you, friends.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a little giveaway

the sewing machine has been buzzing over here. lots and lots of sewing.

 photo DSC_0020_zps4921d1db.jpg

so i want to give something to you, kind readers. here's what's up for grabs:

 photo DSC_0037_zpsb8ee8aea.jpg

a little packaged deal. a squirrel:

 photo DSC_0034_zps3ae6b470.jpg

and a pair of 16" napkins

 photo DSC_0038_zps72ad986e.jpg

how do you get your name into this virtual hat? leave a comment. tell me something you love about your house. or an item in your home that you love. whichever.

post your comment anywhere between now and thursday at 8 a.m. i'll announce the winner sometime that afternoon.

if you'd like double points (name in hat twice), then share a link to my shop (phoebeflock) or to this giveaway. tell me you did so in the comments and i'll give you double points.

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i hope you win.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

a trip.

just returned from visiting these fantastic folks:

 photo DSC_0106_zpsdf37e728.jpg

what a joy it is to be together.

 photo DSC_0039_zps2da2304b.jpg

God has made some really cool stuff. family is right up there in the top 50 best things. i'm pretty sure.

 photo DSC_0043_zps359b1ae9.jpg

 photo DSC_0102_zps4a2a36b9.jpg

 photo DSC_0115_zpscb6a045b.jpg

along with all of of those beautiful growing and flying things.

 photo DSC_0087_zpsc6a3c8e6.jpg

 photo DSC_0063_zps618ad0e5.jpg

 photo DSC_0071_zpsbf55e56e.jpg

being states away from this family has been hard. really hard. there were definitely tears as we drove away. but, i will say, i think we've established a bit of a rhythm. we've figured out how to live on top of each other for a couple of weeks each year and then not at all for the other 50. we're still tight. pick up where we left off. and enjoy the moments we have.

 photo DSC_0029_zps36e6de0f.jpg

 photo DSC_0073_zps46ff9585.jpg

we had a blast. didn't do a whole lot. made meals together. cleaned up together. sat outside together.

 photo DSC_0010_zps2b52e9a3.jpg

 photo DSC_0048_zps18c95c91.jpg

the "together" part was the best. i'm so thankful for these sisters of mine. they are both such good company.

 photo DSC_0118_zps1f5d6491.jpg

 photo DSC_0006_zps529170e0.jpg

a wonderful trip.

 photo DSC_0116_zps5d5f93a9.jpg

hope your summer is off to a refreshing start. i'll be back here soon with a giveaway. i hope you win.

 photo DSC_0013_zpsa8ad1658.jpg