Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boxing Day… Week

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did you have a nice Christmas?

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we did. it was lovely. we drove to michigan. after all the gifts were wrapped and cookies were made.

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there was lots of beautiful space. and the moments found their way into the days. those really nice ones. you know the kind. 

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in the midst of all of those children and adults, there was some quiet. oh, isn't quiet so wonderful?

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we had snow. fires and hot cider. and more snow. my kids were so excited. and i was so excited. the air was so still. it was that perfect kind of snow where you can catch flakes on your mittens and perfectly see the dimensions and beauty of each flake. 

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all in all a lovely time. and now it is time to pack it all up. i know today isn't actually Boxing Day, but it's close. let's call it Boxing Week. this in between week is such a nice one. everyone slows. things get done- packed, organized (sometimes). i'm hoping for some couch cuddling. some book reading. some bread baking. a lot of slowing. oh and there will definitely be some baby kissing. 

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hoping you and yours get to slow a bit too. hoping we all can enjoy these lovely littles that surround and crowd a bit. here's to living room dances and reading books in bed. happy holiday week, friends. 

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Monday, December 9, 2013


it has been very. very. very cloudy and rainy over here these past days. what feels like lots of days.

as i spoke to my sister this morning, she reminded me that the quality of the weather really does effect these hearts of ours. she encouraged me to remember.

and as i swallowed my vitamin d, started to unload the dishwasher and realized that i need some serious Spirit help today, i found myself in a moment of gratitude.

so glad that i have a God Who's help is available me. a Savior Who is here. in my kitchen.

Who i can ask for help, even in the seeking. "would you help me think of You? help me ask for more help?"

the Mighty and Majestic-- Holy and Awesome-- allows this question.

it baffles the mind.

i'm so grateful.


God with us. 

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

rough days and new seasons

yesterday was one of those days, friends.

not great.

i foolishly thought i could get some cyber-monday shopping done with my cup of coffee and pj's before school started. i whipped through amazon like a pro and announced school should begin- only 40 minutes behind our usual schedule.

and then things began to fall apart.

right around the same time that i realized i had taught samuel an entire lesson from last year's math curriculum, jason called me and asked me if i had meant to ship my entire amazon order to my parents house in texas.

no. i had not meant to do either of those things.

you can imagine the gradual slow decline that followed in the hours to come. so that- by about 7pm- i declared the day over. ready to try again. let's start over.

so i'm here today to perform a little exercise. some pictures-- reminders-- of all the good we've had of late.

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oh how i love thanksgiving.

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post-feast calm

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and walk in the woods

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the start of a new season.

december holds so much potential. i'm hoping to hold it all loosely. (those expectations get me in trouble every time). to anticipate joyfully and have eyes open to see what is right in front of me.

whatever the days may hold.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

fitting all the good

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we made our little thanksgiving tree again this year. i'm already looking forward to the reading of the leaves around the thanksgiving table. i just love thanksgiving. a wonderful holiday. 

i've been trying to drink in so much, friends. in the moments that find me seeing with eyes of gratitude, i'm trying to see and hold it in. maybe it is something about this baby season, but it feels easier. these little hands and feet force a slower pace. but, i'll be honest-- i don't feel like i have room for all this beauty. 

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so many people have been telling me to enjoy these baby days- hold him close, just stare at him, etc. i've been trying. i really really have been.

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but i find myself staring at him, as he's propped up on my knees, or as we're lying side by side on the bed, and feeling like i'm not doing enough. i'm looking at him, smiling and watching his sweet little face respond, and i wonder if i'm adequately absorbing all the wonderfulness that fills that moment. 

the answer is usually no. there's no way that all that good can fit inside. it's too much. too grand. too lovely.

but it's alright.

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i think the best i can do is hope for eyes that see and be grateful that there is such beauty around me. grateful that in that moment, i can see it. i will try to set free this pressure i put on myself to fully enjoy every single infant smile. to appreciate every single golden curl on this sweet-girl head. every autumn leaf and berry. i'll do what i can.  

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to savor. and not worry when it doesn't fit. to write small words on the leaf of my thanksgiving tree-- knowing there is so much more. a truly overflowing-cup.

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happy thanksgiving season to you.

p.s.-- i had earlier said that i won't post any more links to these posts on facebook. i've changed my mind. a couple of friends asked for me to continue posting links in order to remind them to look. i think i will do that. i hope i'm not annoying anyone with these reminders. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

wiseman's view

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i drove down our new home-road a few days ago and it was like the colors had turned while i'd been away that morning. bam. fall is in full swing.

oh the glow of autumn. the smell of frost and leaves in the air- a tinge of smoke from someone's fire remnants. mmmm... glorious.

we took an adventure this weekend.

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yeah. i was there. i got to take that picture. a serious adventure, friends.

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jason's birthday is coming up this friday. and his favorite kind of gift is an excursion to see something lovely. he has a list of things he wants to explore and this past saturday, we knocked one off the list.

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this is place in north carolina called "Wiseman's View." breathtaking. overlooking the Lindville Gorge, with views of Table Rock Mountain and Hawk's Bill Mountain.

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the colors were perfect. the sun was shining. it was seriously like a fall-filled fairy tale. yes. that beautiful.

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we met erica there. (have i mentioned the magic of having a sister 2 1/2 hours away??!?)

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and brought a little baby bundle.

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i love taking little trips with this bunch. especially with my guy. the road is so good for us. even before we were "we" the two of us each enjoyed hitting the road. and now it is something that always ends up benefitting us. looking out the windshield helps us hear each other, i think. there's less pressure on the road. and ease and space to our conversations. it brings good.

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felt very spoiled saturday. what beauty our Father has given us.

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all over the place. big and little. saturday focused on something so grand and giant. but the little gifts were there too. as we start this thanks-giving month, i'm hoping to have eyes open to it all.

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happy week-start, friends.