Tuesday, January 21, 2014


things are plodding along over here. a lot of normal. regular. and all that that brings along with it.

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samuel said to me this morning-- while still pj'd and sleepy-eyed, "the years go by fast. i wish they didn't."

oh, my boy. i agree.

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i had a lovely kind mom and her teen over the other day. and i was reminded of those sneaky, quick years. reminded to cherish and enjoy. i'm not all that good at it most of the time. kind of a grass-is-greener pro over here. but i'm glad that the reminders keep coming. those lovely reminders to stop and say yes.

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last week one of the kids was sad and was sitting in my lap. genuinely sad. and just wanting to sit in my lap for a few. and i found myself thinking of all the things i needed to get done. the emails, the dishes, the planning, etc. i'm so thankful that i remembered a post by a friend. and how she just sat. and so i did the same. 

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hope your january is off to a good start. full of warm things-- all the warm things. 

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