Sunday, August 3, 2014

summer and after

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well, hello there.

i don't know about your place, but mine has been in the full swing of summer.

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we've had visitors.

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we've had days where there is nothing on the schedule. and i mean it: nothing.

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we've got a couple of birthdays coming up

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and then, do you know what happens?

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school starts.

that's what happens.

school starts.

i do realize that i'm being overly dramatic, but you guys... school.

my breezy days don't feel like embracing the schedule and piles of not-done-yet work that accompanies the start of school.


school comes, regardless of my attitude toward it. so. you know what that means.

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an adjustment of said attitude is headed my way. i can feel it.

there are lots of wonderful things about school.
and my little miss is starting. how fun. alphabet crafts and button counting.
it really is bringing a smile just typing those sweet words.

we'll be ok, friends. i just know it.

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momma-lana said...

You will be fine! I felt the same all 23 years of our homeschooling journey. Enjoy those elementary school days! They are the best of homeschooling!