Monday, November 5, 2012

thanksgiving tree

i love Thanksgiving. love it. cooking delicious food that you get to share with friends. turkey. gravy. golden leaves. i love thanksgiving.

to anticipate this fantastic holiday, we are doing a little thanksgiving tree this year.


we gathered a few branches outside. i cut out some leaves from construction paper. punched holes. cut yarn. and we were off.


each of us wrote one thing we were thankful for and hung the leaf on the tree.


the goal is one thing every day. one thing, from each of us, that we are grateful for every day. we will cut them from the tree on thanksgiving and read them all.

you know how these things go. it's a good idea at the start. then you get to thanksgiving and there are... 9 leaves on the tree. i hope that isn't the case with this. i would love to have a stack of leaves to pile up and remember how many good good gifts our great Father has given.


Jamison said...

So nice to "see" you this morning. What a lovely idea! I think we'll make one today. Your little man has such nice handwriting :) Hope to see you our way soon!

erica said...

1. i love this idea and the gratitude and beauty i know it will invoke; 2. i love that our little buddy wrote that he's thankful for animals...awesome.