Monday, January 28, 2013


life around here these days has been a little plain.

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the usual things are filling our hours.

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and as january plods on to a close, i think we're about ready for a change.

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although i'm posting cute, happy pictures, please know that these plain days i'm describing have also held all the normal things that i really don't ever take pictures of.

laundry, arguments with children, frustration teaching math, laziness, grumpiness (apologizing to children), etc.

{example: jason and samuel were outside and samuel asked jason, "how old is our house?" "about 50-60 years old." samuel- "oh. is that why it's so dirty?"}


i will admit to you that i've been a bit tempted to discouragement these past weeks. feeling like i can never quite reach the top of any of my piles. i keep looking around and feeling like i'm maintaining my life at half-capacity.

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i'm going to try to have eyes to see truth today. truth about the love my Father has for me. truth about His death and resurrection. truth about me. and the hope and joy that it all brings.

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get my eyes off my list. and fixed on Him. He's the only way. and He's so nice to me.

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