Wednesday, January 16, 2013


my family lives states away. has lived that way for most of our 9 years here in lovely South Carolina.

my sister moved yesterday. to north carolina.

i got to help her. the kids and i drove the short 2.5 hours to her new apartment and helped set up shop.

i can't tell you how excited i am to have a family member this close. erica and i keep saying to each other, "i just have no idea what this will be like..." because neither of us have a reference point.

and tomorrow i will get on a plane and fly to the home of my other sister. two sisters in one week.

i feel spoiled.


the days over at my house have been dreary ones. i've lost count of how many there have been in a row. lots of clouds. lots of rain.

and, while i know my older sister has about 3 months of this every winter and i know that my situation could be worse, i've still struggled to get out of bed. smile. be motivated- for anything.

i would love some sunshine. but in the waiting, i've been looking at springtime photos. here are a couple for you just in case you're in the same boat.



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Allie P said...

Catching up on reading before bed. Your sister moved closer!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you! =)