Monday, October 28, 2013

october's bright blue weather

i called my lovely grandma recently and spoke with her about how crisp the air feels these days and how the sky seems bluer in autumn. she recalled a poem she memorized in grade school: "October's Bright Blue Weather" by Helen Hunt Jackson.

 photo DSC_0028_zps58d2fdd9.jpg

and i think it's true. october has some seriously bright, blue weather.

 photo DSC_0024_zps8d24829b.jpg

we headed up to Carl Sandburg's house this past week. as we keep coming back to this beautiful park, it's starting to feel like a home-extension. full of familiarity and warmth.

 photo DSC_0036_zps19d653ed.jpg

 photo DSC_0037_zps969b2828.jpg

the more i get to know our old friend, Carl, the more i really like him. his home is so beautiful-- full of musical instruments and thousands of books. when i wander his property, my heart slows and my eyes open wider. good stuff.

 photo DSC_0017_zps4e7c006e.jpg

we're slowly getting to know our own property these days. the kids and i took a short walk around the perimeter of our yard today-- saying hello to new and becoming-familiar spots.

 photo DSC_0057_zpsb63fdf7d.jpg

a new home. new trees. new corners. i'm sure it will take us a while to get to know one another properly. but we're starting.

 photo DSC_0066_zpsccbfb640.jpg

and i was reminded today the value of just getting outside. just doing it. even for a walk around the yard. lovely things i didn't even know about were waiting for me. lovely gift-moments.

 photo DSC_0070_zpsaf0c69be.jpg

 photo DSC_0068_zps57c373c5.jpg

i can't stand this little foot trying to find its way out of his sleep sack:

 photo DSC_0060_zps5ecd7b64.jpg

hopeful for a few more days of bright blue weather. hope you can find some in your corner as well.

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Chelsea said...

Love the header! Simple yet refreshing.
The picture of your three cuties? Absolutely precious. It should find it's way onto one of your new walls. :o)

alli said...

such sweetness!