Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a little giveaway

the sewing machine has been buzzing over here. lots and lots of sewing.

 photo DSC_0020_zps4921d1db.jpg

so i want to give something to you, kind readers. here's what's up for grabs:

 photo DSC_0037_zpsb8ee8aea.jpg

a little packaged deal. a squirrel:

 photo DSC_0034_zps3ae6b470.jpg

and a pair of 16" napkins

 photo DSC_0038_zps72ad986e.jpg

how do you get your name into this virtual hat? leave a comment. tell me something you love about your house. or an item in your home that you love. whichever.

post your comment anywhere between now and thursday at 8 a.m. i'll announce the winner sometime that afternoon.

if you'd like double points (name in hat twice), then share a link to my shop (phoebeflock) or to this giveaway. tell me you did so in the comments and i'll give you double points.

oh! and as an additional thank you to you, here is a code for 10% off in the shop from now until friday (June 20th). code: PHOEBELOVE

i hope you win.


Lisa Gardner said...

My favorite thing in my house is the seasons crosstitch I made and my Grandma framed for me. It hangs in the living room and Lucy loves looking at it. :) I'll share and hope to be the winner!

Katherine said...

Hi! Right now I love the space between my den and sunroom where there use to be a wall. It's a work in progress, but I love the open space and more natural light! Love your beautiful art, Jo!

Unknown said...

One of my favorites is my print of "Her Room" by Andrew Wyeth that my dad framed for me. I had always loved that picture, and for many years I searched for a print. One day my parents noticed it in the museum store and bought it, my dad made the frame for it. I only wish they had seen me open it for Christmas. I was so surprised and emotional about it!
Thanks Jo. :)

Stephanie said...

I love the arch I between the living room & dining room. Its what made me fall for this house 14 years ago & I still love it today. Aside from the people in my house, it's my most favorite thing.

Rachel Bradley said...

I love the light in my kitchen when I am cooking dinner. If I plan it just right the sun has just descended below the tree line and the light flowing in the window is a happy golden color. It makes my workspace glow.

Love the squirrel by the way!

Briana said...

Hmmm. Thank you for encouraging me to think about what I love about my house. I didn't have an answer right away.

Right now I LOVE our back patio. I sit there as often as possible, enjoying this Michigan summer after a painful winter.

Love the squirrel and other goods!

amy said...

at my childhood house in michigan, i loved the back porch, and all the trees in the yard. maples, apples, birches...

was great to meet your fam last weekend dear jo.


Emily said...

Hi! Since we are moving out of our beloved house next week (yikes!), it is bittersweet for me to reflect on what I love here! I think if I have to pick one right off the top of my head, I choose the wood floors. My husband and I went and picked them out at a local place in Chelsea, MI. They are my favorite feature that I will miss the most in our new house in TN.

Love your sweet blog and shop and the squirrel and napkins are precious!

erica said...

the favorite spot in my apartment is my reading nook of course. but i love the view of the trees across the street with the sun streaming in, my twinkle lights, and the stars you made me jo, that i have lined up by the door. it's just so cozy. and made for dreaming. i think that squirrel could look pretty perfect right above my chair.....you know, so you should make sure i win.

alli q said...

I love my black bookshelf housing some of my favorite books - and I love looking out my kitchen window watching the kiddos run by. And I will share your link on my facebook page - you're amazing, Jo! Love you!