Wednesday, May 11, 2011

small thoughts

my brain is empty tonight. i'm sitting here staring out the dark window and i can't find any thoughts. scatterings here and there, but nothing consistent. so i'll share the small things i've been dwelling on. all i've got tonight.

little, wet eyes, looking at me from the sudsy tub. and i think, 'how can those be real? they are so stinkin beautiful?'

a husband who has been busy with so much good. and i miss him.

how thankful i am for our little backyard hammock. so many sweet memories and idyllic moments.

my great-great-aunt's molasses cookies. had to have them tonight. so i just now ate a spoonful of dough. cookies will come tomorrow. how fabulous are heritage recipes? the romantic connection to the women before me.

my tomorrow- afternoon coffee with friends to talk about ann's book. looking forward to pouring it out together and trying to fit it back in.

and i think that's it. no photos or anything. just haven't gotten to fit anything together today. you know the day i'm talking about. those days.

goodnight, friends.


Briana said...

I totally know those days and feel that they are more frequent than others. thank you for sharing yours with us.

And, I agree, so many sweet memories with small, yet so soul-filling, hugs and kisses on that blessed hammock.

Wendy Nilsson said...

Jo, Lovely memories of crispy ginger cookies and all the wonderful times we share around good food cooked by loving hands.