Monday, May 14, 2012

faith and righteousness

happy monday all.

our weekend was filled with a lot of lovely nothing. jason taught us how to do a loon call for a bout 45 minutes. there was baking, rain and cuddling under covers.

we talked of the coming weeks and months. thought about the 11 days of school we have left and what the next school year might hold.

but what is really occupying my mind is a new study i started. i'm afraid some of my friends might be (or soon will be) sick of hearing about it. but i'm just that excited about it.

my sisters and i have started Beth Moore's Believing God study, and i am hooked. i am almost finished with week 2 and already have so much to think on and have felt a fresh wind blow through.

one thought:

my righteous (good, positive, etc) acts- the good things i do- are not seen by God as good or righteous. all the good i do is still filled with so much of my own garbage that they are filthy rags.

BUT my faith- just faith- is seen by my Father as goodness- righteousness. before Abraham obeyed so many of God's commands, he was counted as righteous. because of his faith.

this thought is blowing me away. somehow my faith=righteousness.

Jesus is awesome, people. He just is.


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