Friday, May 4, 2012


while in minnesota, we got to have lunch with my grandma. now, i'm sure your grandma is nice and everything, but... my grandma is the best.


she made pork chops and mashed potatoes for lunch on a thursday.


and i sat at her table, looking at some of the same wall hangings i've seen since i was a pig-tailed girl. how quickly i felt small again. sitting next to my grandma. i felt like a girl. eating her pork chops on the plates i know so well.

my babies now get to share in the joy. the mashed potatoes. and strawberry shortcake for dessert. bowls piled equally high for all of us. my little ones' cakes swimming in whipped cream and sugared berries.



strange how the push and pull of age makes you feel so many things at once. i felt small and needy- gratefully receiving my grandma's care and attention. then remembered i was responsible for the little people calling "mama" and the phone that beeped.

my grandma is full of wisdom and kindess. she is quick to pat my hand and look into my eyes and deliver truth. she has the softest, warmest cheeks that make for the perfect hug. and i miss her so.

i'm telling you-- she's the best there is.


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Debi Kroska said...

This picture of you and your grandma brings to mind so many memories and she was frequently there and such a delight to our family!