Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a little Sabbath

i have a small job that takes up a lot of my sundays. and one sunday a year, our church has an outdoor service and i have the day off. 

so after worship, we went home. fast. and made a summer feast of cheeseburgers, watermelon, potato chips and corn on the cob. 

and then we did nothing. absolutely nothing. we read books, napped, cuddled, and ate popcorn for dinner. 

i don't have any pictures, really, because, well, i was doing nothing. 

in the evening, jason set up a tent in the yard. the boys were camping out. it was the best kind of fun. 


the kids wanted to go to bed at about 6:30. we sat in the tent while jason and samuel told stories. 

the sun eventually set, and everyone ended up in their beds. it felt like a true Sabbath, friends. something i need more than i know. something i don't make space for. something i don't prioritize. oh, He was so wise in telling us we needed this. i need to make this. my family needs this. rest. peace. Sabbath. 

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