Wednesday, March 21, 2012


yesterday was... not great. when dinner time arrived i was about ready to write an all-caps, bright red, "FAIL" across the entire day.

i was frustrated by too many things. my children were tired and whining. i worked hard on a new recipe for dinner, and as i called children from outside, the kitchen was filling with the smell of our meal- a special cross between urine and some kind of farm animal. i did away with the sauce, sat down at the table to eat, cut open the sausages and they were raw inside.

i crossed my arms over my chest, actually shed a couple of tears, and seriously pouted.

jason swooped in to my rescue. it was Dan's day anyway, so he said we should all pack up, go get cheap pizza and ice cream. perfect.

so i got up from the table. rallied.

and that's when jason saw the silly putty that had been mashed into the back of my brand new skirt from some mysterious place i'd sat earlier.

here's to new starts. new days. new mercies.



Lacey said...


Raw sausage. Silly putty on a skirt. Whiny children.

That's worth a tear or two.

Next time your day ends up like that just call me up and I'll read some poetry out loud to you. It will cure everything.

joanna said...

well that gave me a serious laugh this morning. perhaps i will. you better be at the ready.

Anonymous said...

hey joanna, karen weller here from trinity. bri sent me your sweet blog post about her trip and i just saw this about your silly putty skirt. i'm sure its too late or maybe you got it all out, but my 6 year old brought silly putty IN BED with him and it was EVERYWHERE! RED, not to mention! i frantically googled how to get it out and it suggested rubbing alcohol. it worked!!! with a little elbow grease it all came out!!! good luck and i'm glad you had a great time with bri:)