Wednesday, March 14, 2012

transferring hobbies

my sweet daughter is like me in many ways. and she is also full of mystery of which i cannot find the source. it's hard, even with a wee 3 year old, to not place my hobbies/loves/likes/desires all over her. to not smother her with the things i like. to leave no room for her to find her own way. i try to leave space. i do.

we were recently invited to a birthday party for a friend of kate's. and she wanted to make a gift.


oh joy. and we had such fun. she chose the fabrics and threads. not always my choices. but our little crown turned out very sweet. (do i have a picture of it? of course not. that would be far too convenient)


i loved every minute of her lap-sitting sewing. what a delight. i long to embrace each activity she asks me to join her in. every single one. and i can hope for our hobby-loves to coincide in the years to come. i can hope.


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DKK said...

What a wonderful picture. It doesn't get any better than that! Enjoy!