Thursday, January 27, 2011


our computer is gone. being repaired.

life without a computer...

i keep finding myself moving to sit at my desk, then realize there is no computer and then wonder why i felt the need to sit there in the first place. thinking this break may be eye-opening in that lovely kind of time-management way.

just returned from a visit with my sister. it is always so rejuvinating. and then i get angry. why don't i get to live by her? how is this God's best plan for me? my nephews are growing all the time, learning new things and becoming little men. and i don't get to be there.

but we got to sit by the fire on a mondy afternoon, drink coffee and watch big flakes fall. we talked through so many of our lives connundrums, with jason joining us from time to time. a gift of a visit.

will try to touch base back here soon, but my computer access is spotty. hope you all are enjoying these last January days. i'm having a hard time not wishing them all away. february sounds so much better.

oh that hard-to-find gratitude...

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