Saturday, February 12, 2011

long books and such

it is stinkin' hard to have a blog while not having a computer. thank you all for hanging in there with me. my basically-brand-new computer arrives early next week and i can't wait. until then, my dear friend beth has loaned me her laptop. these things are pretty awesome. i'm sitting in my son's bed, sun streaming through the slats in the shutters, typing away.

spring is right around our street corner over here and i'm so glad. my daffodils are reaching teeny green hands into the sunlight (insert imaginary picture here). i can't help but feel refreshed when thinking about a new season- growth, change, fresh green and more sunlight.

my back has been bothering me this week and prohibiting me from a lot of activity. and it turned out to be just what i needed. i find my weeks so full. bringing the kids here, buckling and unbuckling from car seats, going to this house, that store, etc. and the week ends and i feel far from these little hearts. why is it so hard for me to sit and really chat with them for awhile? i was forced, this week, to sit on the couch and watch them twirl around about me. we read books, the ones i usually roll my eyes at because they are SO long. we didn't have anything better to do (in my eyes) so we read them. and i got to receive random comments from a little boy who is more and more taking in the world around him and trying to make sense of it all.

and even seeing this beauty He has given me, i'm still struggling today to be patient. i want all of my problems (physical and otherwise) fixed right now. THEN i could really be a blessing to my kids.

oh i've got so much to learn, friends.

thank you bri for guest posting. i just love you. and i'll never ever give up on you.

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