Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a guest

As Jo's sister, Bri, I want to join the club. I really really do.
You know, the crafting club. So many women around me
seem to have a craft of some kind. Knitting, sewing, decoupaging, scrap-booking, the list goes on. I've tried to get into knitting and Lord knows that
I'm still trying and am fairly determined to make it stick. But, Jo has had to teach me how to knit at least five times. She and I were starting to wonder if I had a problem.

And, that's my usual experience with crafting of any kind. Take these hearts for example. Sure, they're fine, but not as cute as Jo's and she had to walk me through each small step. It's just not intuitive for me like it is for other people.

There's something wonderful about creating something with your own hands, isn't there? And, then looking at the finished product with satisfaction- that your creativity has been unleashed and there's something to show for it! We have a hugely creative God- just look outside- and He created us in His image. Therefore, we all have creativity somewhere in our make-up, even if it's just in our little baby finger.

So, as I was spending my Saturday morning making cinnamon rolls (I should have taken a picture of them before I ate them all) and a swiss chard tart, I realized something. I realized that we all need to use the creativity that God gave us, but we all do it in different ways. My husband creatively problem-solves. My sister Erica is an excellent story teller. My Dad writes. And, I love to create in the kitchen. Trying new recipes and creating dishes is my outlet. So, I won't beat myself for not doing this or that. I will embrace the creativity that God gave me and use it where He leads me. But, I am still determined to knit. Don't give up on me Jo.

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erica said...

i love you so sisters. and you will do it bri, i believe in you.