Monday, February 28, 2011

goodbye february

remember this blanket ?

well after many movies and knitting-filled conversations, it now looks like this:


and jason has to nightly answer the question: "is it long enough now?"

and he looks back at me with these half-pitying eyes that tell me i have more work to do.

but as the days get warmer and the spring breeze blows through our house later and later, i have less of a desire to be covered by a very warm blanket as i sit, knit, and sit some more. so it just has to be long enough soon. we'll get there.

got to go on a walk this morning without any little explorers slowing my gait. ipod full of loud worship and spring budding around each corner. beautiful.


there is such hope in each green leaf pushing its way toward the light. a little glad to say goodbye to february today. i'm reaching toward new, warmer days.

well, my french press is calling, along with some new fabric and an open window. here's to march.



erica said...

yaaay. pretty blanket. pretty spring.

Briana said...

Here's to March! Love this post my dear. Thanks for the small windows you give us into your world. Makes me miss you, but feel closer to you at the same time. Hugs.