Friday, February 25, 2011

making flowers

spring is coming. it is. really and truly.

but it's not coming fast enough for me. never been the most patient of women. so i'm making flowers. while trying to change up the ever-present and many-personalitied wreath on my front door i tried something new and it turned out well. i thought you might like to try it too.


i just love this flower.


i took left over strips of fabric i had cut for these runners


and cut 30 smallish petals out of them. 15 in one fabric and then some in a few different fabrics.


got out my needle and upholstery thread (you could use regular thread) and threaded one petal on


tied a knot on the end so it was all squished on the bottom, leaving a tail of thread an inch or two long.


then strung all the petals on in the manner of the first. with every other petal being my base periwinkle paisley.


after all 30 petals were on there, i pushed them all to the bottom, found the tail of thread i'd left before and tied the two ends of thread together. snipped the stray end of thread. and badda-bing.


a flower


so now i have two on my wreath


maybe i'll add more. i'm still thinking of ways to use these little beauties. gift toppers... barrettes... pins...? not sure. would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

happy spring, gang.


erica said...

jo, these are so cute! now i want a wreath.

Jamison said...

I love them!!! So nice and managable for me. I want a wreath too!

joanna said...

i'm glad you both like them and jamison- i agree- managable, which is the only reason i was willing to do another one and take pictures of the process. easy. and you BOTH should get wreaths. they're fun.

Briana said...

So stinkin cute. I just love love them. you're so darn creative Jo.

Allie P said...

Love this Jo!! I just need an assortment of fabric scraps...

Anonymous said...

Gift toppers! Yes, wonderful idea Jo! Or you could sew a little cluster of tiny ones onto a shirt for Kate!

j.k.m. said...

this is so cute! i've been contemplating what to do on my wreath for spring and this is it! thanks :)

Briana said...

For those of us who are craft-challenged...let's get back to basics. How'd you get the ribbon on? That's my goal.