Monday, July 18, 2011

bri left

well, they left.

and we had a fabulous week together. so very different from her last visit. we had very little cohesive conversation. our so-called 'quiet times' (girl supposed to be sleeping, boys in the next room playing something involving masks and guns) were filled with reading and recovery. preparing for the next round of hours with four littles in our small house.

we did life together for a week. trying to train children in the way they should go, talking about marriage, making food and cleaning up. together. and it was awesome.

i spoke with a sweet friend in the hallways of church yesterday. she is just returning from a long visit with her family who live so many many miles away. and we both agreed to remember that His plan is what we want. so hard to remember as they pulled out of the driveway on saturday. all i can see is the loss of days. not seeing my nephews' soccer games and not having weekly (daily) morning tea with my sister.

but, as my friend reminded me, i get to spend eternity with my sister. what are a few years of separation? for reasons i don't understand, we don't get to be in one another's daily lives right now. and i'm striving to remember and trust.

and hold on to the days i get. they were just wonderful.


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