Wednesday, July 20, 2011

this girl

i'm having some issues over here.
this little spitfire-cutie.


i'm in bed yesterday morning next to jason (and samuel- who comes to greet jason every morning with the dawn) and i groggily realize that i hear someone in our kitchen. i come out to find my little girl. sitting at the computer playing with my turned-on camera next to an empty starburst wrapper. oh yes. she had climbed on top of a basket to get 1 of the two random starbursts we had lying around. and she was cool as can be.

then came bath time. where she crawled out of the tub to get jason's body wash and squirted it everywhere. the floor, the tub- the place stunk of manufactured manliness for the rest of the day.

oh she's a handful folks. defiant with a sweet smile. i don't even know where to begin sometimes.

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Stephanie said...

Oh how I love me some Kate!!!!! She is exploring her world. :) I've been reminded lately to 'pick my battles... just win the ones I pick.' sounds like it may apply to you as well. :) Have a lovely day!