Friday, July 22, 2011

old patterns

my grandma is traveling to one of my absolute favorite places tomorrow. without me. a cabin of my childhood. where we spent long cool days doing really important things. puzzles, listening to music, baking, eating, fishing, rifling through piles of library books, playing cards and exploring long stretches of sometimes-blueberried forests.

it was a tradition that was built into my bones. every summer, about this time, i find myself craving foods we always ate there, thinking more about family and longing for cool nights under a bright Milky Way.

so i'm making caramel corn tomorrow. and i started on a little project. some might call it juvenile, but... well. i don't care.


oh yes. friendship bracelet. i saw them featured here and i couldn't resist. as a girl i could never conquer the v-pattern. and through this post, i was enlightened. i had to try one!!

now my sisters have laughed at me. i have SO much work to do for the upcoming and awesome Indie Craft Parade. i really do not have time to be spent on a friendship bracelet (though it is super cool). my dear sisters allowed me one; "get it out of your system."

so i will safety pin to pillows and jeans for a day or so. remember those blissful days of Minnesota-lake childhood. and then try to move on.

happy weekending friends. hope yours are filled with new and old delights.


alli said...

Candace has been making those lately for the boys!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing I'd bought floss to bring up now! I'll be thinking of you next week...

joanna said...

oh lisa i'm so jealous. please drink deeply of it all for me. sit on the end of the dock at sunset for me. have such a wonderful time.