Wednesday, July 27, 2011

grave-clothes and tea

our pastor spoke this past sunday about change. the process of taking us from here to better. and there were many pieces, but one that stuck with me was about community.

he reminded us of the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Jesus raises him up- summons him from the tomb. and there he is. a dead man, now alive at the word of Christ. still in his tomb-wrappings. so Jesus asks the people around him to unbind Lazarus. and our pastor asked, "was Christ capable of bringing Lazarus from death to life and yet not able to remove his grave clothes?? absolutely not!"

then he said something like this: Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. and surrounded him with a community that could help remove the grave clothes.

oh how that resonated. looking back at these recent months- ups and downs with anxiety battles- the days that changed things, the moments that turned my course, were precipitated by some form of community.

a conversation with my sister, a word from a friend on the phone asking me to do this one thing, seek Him, ask Him ____, think on this, people stopping and praying with me, etc.

i am so very very thankful for community that sticks with me. as our pastor said, removing Lazarus' grave-clothes could not have been a very pleasant task. and i know my friends love me, but are probably a little sick of me falling into the same brand of crazy again and again. but patient community is such a huge part of my being made new. i'm so grateful.


more happy summer days to you, friends. the above drink is my new favorite. tea steeped in the sun with a few mint sprigs to brighten the tea (and my life). i'm in love.


alli said...

and i keep forgetting to ask about this tea - does it only work well with a black tea?

joanna said...

i think it would work with any kind.