Tuesday, October 4, 2011


we made cookies yesterday. for two reasons, really. 1-- because my mom gave samuel a package of fall-themed sugars and sprinkles. 2-- because i wanted to eat some.


and before we even had the cookies on the table, someone spilled a whole container of sprinkles. of course. i come outside to find them furiously eating tiny balls of colored sugar.


but this is why we do this outside.



good times. good cookies.

we are about to head north to see some family and friends. won't be back for a week or so. will be back with a full report, as usual.

blessings on your weeks, friends.

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Allie P said...

Yum!!! I'd been craving chocolate chip cookies with harvest colored m&m's and I finally broke down and made them yesterday too. =)

Have a great trip to see family! Happy you can go at the most beautiful time of the year there!