Friday, October 28, 2011


time management. never been something i'm really good at. i'm drawn to the things i want to do. and easily shove off the things that are less interesting.

balance. yeah... i'm working on it.

the colder wind and the colored leaves have brought out my yarn stash and my needles are clicking away over here. which can be oh-so-dangerous. because i am creating something, it feels easy to push aside other tasks and stay seated. knitting. my kids are getting read to a bit more.

if they hold the book.

i'm working on it. the push and pull of these desires and demands. hoping to make more open space. more room for little people, train tracks, walks through the leaves, dirty dishes, letters, and, naturally, the needles.


to close- some pics from a delightful costume parade a friend invited us to yesterday. i love costumes.




and if you have any thoughts on this balance topic, please share. i'd love to hear how this has panned out in your life. i know none of us have a perfect scale, weighed out with friends, husband, family, bible, and everything else, but if you've developed a system that works most of the time- i'd love to hear.

happy weekend friends!

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Anonymous said...

Help! I need help with the balance stuff. So much help. seriously.