Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my guys

these two are tight. always have been.


even when he was an infant, no one's touch worked quite like daddy's to calm this little boy down. and they've remained.


seriously tight. someone asked samuel while we were in Minnesota, "so, samuel, who are some of your buddies back in South Carolina?" maybe half a second passed before the response came, "well, daddy." and that list seemed sufficient.


and when his birthday came and he got to do something fun with me and something fun with daddy, i suggested that he and i do our thing first. "how about we go get your lollipop right now and then after that you and daddy can go get your pizza?' i asked.

there was a long thoughtful pause before he very sweetly replied, "but... i like daddy best."

yup. they've always been tight. and for the most part it doesn't bother me. it has never gotten under my skin.

but the other night as he came out of his bed to ask me for the second time if daddy was home, and i had his little hands in mine as i said, "no, buddy, he's not home tonight." i cried a little after his face fell and he wriggled away from my touch.

he and his daddy are tight. super close. and i'm so glad. and i hope the attachment never leaves- that the safety is always there. i may be jealous some mornings. i may struggle through a few nights of a couple of tears. but it is such a good thing. and i wrote this post to help me remember.

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