Thursday, October 20, 2011

a few lovely things

in the middle of my steps, one of these recent days, i realized that my head was down. joy was nowhere. and i was wrestling with the hours and minutes. and, really then, wrestling with my Maker and Planner.

He helped me stop. ann encouraged an ongoing list of grateful words. i couldn't find any. so i wrapped my camera strap around my neck and stood at the ready for good things. and, of course, there were many to be found.

shells hunted and brought home after many beach trips:


pumpkin muffins in a week with few extras:


a fresh dishcloth knit by my grandma:


beautiful yarn given to me by a friend last birthday:


and the project that i finally found for it:


i'll be at the gallery this weekend. hope to see you there. may we each have eyes to see the good. even if we need help.

p.s. i love this song.

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Anonymous said...

Please teach me how to do the mittens. I promise that I will keep trying and really put my mind to it. I love them. What great yarn too. And, I stinkin love this song. I haven't listened to it for 8 years and it came right back. i love it love it. so fun. but...i love you more. : ) Bri