Monday, November 14, 2011

carrots and leaves

we harvested carrots. samuel loved it. so did i.


and it was beautiful work. we're not so much gardeners over here. we try. we aspire. but as much as i'd like to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle our lives, we don't get very far. small steps. carrots.


a bit in our freezer for winter soups and such. we'll be thankful as we eat our labor and the goodness grown from seeds given to us by a friend.

and our saturday wasn't filled with much. which equals lovely. a little crafting for a show my sister is putting on for me. it will be in michigan- i'm not even showing up. i'm shipping fabric-y yumminess and she's inviting friends. what a sister, huh?


and the leaves out front are falling. our golden tree is falling apart. new chips in the beautiful light daily. more branches showing and a larger pale carpet covering the grass.



leaves. to throw and gather and throw again. what fun.


blessings on your weeks as you begin, friends. i'm longing to have eyes to see more and more good. i know it's there. He's in our midst. at the kitchen sink. in the laundry room. i know He's there.



Heather said...

Love those carrots. When the kids eat something they've grown they go on and on and on about how much better it is than any other [carrot] they've ever had. I agree. Awesome.

erica said...

those carrots look so perfectly gnarly. like they were grown in a fairy tale and will make a delicious soup for a badger. what a cute raker and leaf player. wish i could be with you to enjoy the smell of crisp leaves.