Tuesday, November 22, 2011

willow's whispers

i have a sometimes-quiet boy. he doesn't let it all out in front of many people outside the small walls of our house. he has songs, pirate voices and awesome dances inside that little body. but they don't make it out if there are other faces in front of him. he can quickly become very reserved and... inside.

we recently made one of those trips to the library where we just grabbed whatever we could and brought it all home in a giant bag. one of the books we acquired in the mix was Willow's Whispers by Lana Button.


about a little girl whose voice only emerges in a whisper. in every situation at school, it seems she can never make her voice loud enough to be heard.


she decides to make a magical microphone out of a paper tower tube. and suddenly she can be heard.


i read it to samuel one night at bedtime and when i was finished i said, "i liked that book. what did you think?"

"i really liked it."

and he requested it each night after for awhile. which he never does anymore. he asked me to read it in the middle of the day- asked me to read it before supper.

of course, my overly expressive self, i tried to get more out of him as to why he liked the book. i asked, "what is it about this book that you like so much?"

"i just like it."

so we'll leave it there. i know he can be heard sometimes among the throngs of people- sometimes he finds his voice and uses it. but not all the time. maybe not even most of the time.


but he's doing just fine.



Charissa said...

I love this boy!

Jonathan said...

oh my word, he is SOOOO cute! I'd love to have him meet my Caden some day. They'd be such cute friends. I think our girls are about the same age, too. Oh, that'd be fun! Anyway- he is a adorable!!

Jonathan said...

oh, by the way- not sure why that came up as "Jonathan" but it's me- Katie Howard. :)

Anonymous said...

I love him so so so much!!! I want to be there to hear him in whatever capacity he's feeling that day. He is just such a gift. Bri