Monday, November 28, 2011


what a wonderful holiday.


thanksgiving was filled with all the usuals.


friends and walks around the block. it was a lovely day.

oh, and french fries and ketchup for a kid who doesn't like any thanksgiving food. i figured that i make him eat stuff he doesn't really like every other day of the year. it's thanksgiving. he should be able to eat something he enjoys.

and i've very quickly moved on to celebrating this beautiful advent season. i just love it.


we decorated the tree and the rest of the house. kids with christmas ornaments. and hot chocolate mustaches. couldn't be better.



and i finally finished off all the things i needed to send off to my sister's. she is hosting a show in her home featuring my stuff and another friend's jewelry. if you are in michigan and would like to know where and when- email me and i'd be happy to fill you in.

i got it all piled and boxed.



it was a good feeling.

and the time off from life was so very nice. a true holiday. we did mostly nothing. saw friends. cuddled under blankets. read books and watched christmas movies.

but today has greeted us. with rain and school and dirty dishes. we'll turn the lights on the tree and read Cat in the Hat, i think.

happy advent, friends. the anticipation. the waiting. for the baby King. what a fabulous season.


alli said...

the new banner is so pretty!

erica said...

what a beautiful wreath you made. and such cute little kid faces you helped make too. miss you guys.

joanna said...

thanks alli! steve made it for me. i'm hopeless with this graphic nonsense.

thanks twig. cute little kid faces-- agreed.