Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a perfect imperfect day

things did not go as planned over here today. kate and i have both been battling some kind of head cold crazy. plans got cancelled. and today we stayed home.

kate slept really late. we didn't start doing school until about 10:30.
i stayed in pajama pants all day. it looked like a very upside down day. but it was just perfect.

today was a reason i'm loving doing school at home. the day started with samuel and i on the couch- just the two of us- for about 45 minutes looking at our huge world atlas. we found countries, looked at ocean maps, he showed me things about the united states and the 'big lakes.' we ate a slow breakfast, did a little school- then took a break for baths.

we painted, read, did more school, and made hats (in honor of the letter "h").


we were supposed to have a busy day. and it was. just a totally different kind of busy. it was beautiful. topped off with time outside.



i know i can't do all of my days like this. i get stir crazy and so do my kids. but today was such a gift. school was not done by lunch time as it usually is. but no one cared. the air was relaxed and easy. i want to hold on to days like this. when the days are running together too quickly and i can't remember the smell of my kids... maybe we need to call in sick.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder to call in sick every once in awhile.

Amber K said...

We had a day like this last week as well... not sick, but just things not going as planned. I wish I could say I embraced it like you did, but to be honest, I wrestled with it for a while. I eventually relaxed a bit though and the day went better.

Thanks for the reminder of the blessings of slowing down and just being. Need to do that more often. I get too wrapped up in "doing school" that I forget that doing life is a huge part of learning.

Thanks for opening up your heart and life on your blog. It so encourages me :-)