Tuesday, January 10, 2012

in your face psalms

so i alluded to a project. it was a surprise for my sister. but... i'm not very good at keeping exciting secrets, so... i told her about it. but now i can show you! it really isn't anything that thrilling or challenging, but it is something i need and wanted to gift to my sister.

she has a beautiful newly revamped kitchen with a bare window sill in front of her kitchen sink. i thought some reminders were in order.


i cut paper and wrote out some psalms. i went for verses that were perhaps less familiar- hoping they might take us more by surprise and hit us between the eyes a bit with the astounding truth of who He is and who we are.



i wrote out the same verses for myself. so we can, throughout the year, be faced with the same truth. i'm praying these verses sink deep into my heart and take root. my goal is to memorize all 10. not a lofty goal for some of you, but for me, it is a challenge. if you want a list of the verses i used- email me- i'd love to share it.

after finishing this, i finally have started the task of stocking my shop.


coasters, headbands and garlands are waiting.



i have a couple of table runners and some coffee cozies still waiting. the list of to-dos is constant. never ending.

one item at a time. one verse at a time. one step at a time.


Allie P said...

Love these! I'd love your verse list. Or um, a few cards like this with verses on them. Sell them Jo!

Anonymous said...

yes! sell them!