Monday, January 2, 2012

lookin forward

2012. a new year. fresh start. some thoughts:

i finished reading through the Bible in 2011. read the bible in one year. to some, this is a small task. for me- it was daunting and challenging. but i checked all the boxes, and finished.


and i'm so glad i did it. i saw many good things. but as i look at a new year, i am longing for some time in the presence of the Lord. i spent so much energy checking off the boxes this past year, that i think i lost some of the space i used to have for my relationship with Him. so i'm starting fresh this year. trying to carve out quiet, listening time with the Lord each day. i'm looking forward to meeting with Him regularly.

another item on my mind is the pace of my life. i think each family's pace is a relative topic. but i'm realizing that i need to relax and settle in a bit more to the moments before me each day. particularly those involving my kiddos.


i'd love to foster more of an atmosphere of availability. enough space for as much curiosity, reading, flour-playing, path-tromping, under-covers-cuddling as possible. i find myself so often rushing through time with my children (yes, even school) in order to free myself up to do what i want to do. perhaps if i settled myself into the space of the morning- the whole morning, and really looked, saw, listened to these little ones, things wouldn't feel so harried. if i stopped looking first to my needs, things might feel freer. and more enjoyable.


working on a secret project, that i will share as soon as i'm able, in order to keep some scripture in front of my face this year. the beginnings are small:


i'd love to hear about what's on your mind for the new year. any simple or ambitious resolutions taking form over in your corner? do tell.

a happy new start to you, friends. may He be drawing us ever closer.


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Stephanie said...

order. We need order over here. And the too-tooed girl is too cute.