Monday, February 6, 2012


i've been doing lots of sewing. lots and lots. sewing, then ripping, then sewing some more. i'm working on a patchwork blanket for someone and... it has been an adventure.


or as my mom keeps reminding me, "a great learning experience."


i know there is a lesson of patience, hard work or something in there. but i don't have much time to stop and think about it. i just have to sew.

drink coffee and sew.


but this project has afforded me some lovely things. afternoons of sewing, wncw, and my one and only lounging on the couch chatting with me. time to talk and be. it has been so nice. open space. time just sitting and resting in the room with us. allowing thoughts to form and conversation to deeply breath.

back soon. have to get back.


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Anonymous said...

You might have your elbows deep in fabric, but you've got some stinkin great music. Thanks for sharing with us!