Thursday, February 16, 2012


we don't do much for v-day around here. though i did make pancakes.


really, just for the challenge of it.


yesterday was so beautiful. i threw open the back door and left it open for a few hours. while little ones ran out and in- mostly out. they climbed trees and 'rescued' things. it was fantastic. we ate lunch outside.



for a Minnesotan, i'm becoming a bit of a baby when it comes to winter endurance. i'm grateful for the blooming daffodils and am already aching for more days like yesterday.

when i went for my walk this morning, it smelled like spring. that smell that mixes cold and green. delicious.

we've got family coming into town today. we're so excited to be together and as i've been thinking about the days coming up and trying to plan and prepare, i've also been struck, once again, by control issues. i hope these coming days will be filled with times where i lift my hands up to the sky- letting go of my plan and asking my Father to do whatever He wants with our time.

so glad He's in control.

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Susanna said...

I'm so glad He is in control too. Been reminded of what a peaceful security that is this week.