Monday, February 27, 2012

spring. she's stretching her legs

oh she's coming. we walked the yard recently and saw all the signs.



tiny new green peeking from the brown.


red buds.


and flowers.



the kids are outside as i type. doing "a school project about making mud." (yes, they made this up, i think in a hope of convincing me of the task's worthiness)

fleece pants are now stuffed into frog rain boots. i hear singing and see two little heads bouncing as they run. what a joy to be outside. to feel His breeze blow through the house. thankful.


erica said...

man, i wish i could be there with you guys. exploring spring. i noticed it here too the other day in the live oak tree with bright green buds, the bushes with their whispy yellow flowers and purple white flowers shooting up in the park. i do love spring...even when i never had a winter.

Anonymous said...

first thing....i want to see those little heads bouncing too! so cute. I can feel their joy of being outside in the Springtime.

second in Feb?! You are one luck duck Jo.

third thing...What a great song.