Friday, April 20, 2012

dedication. determination. discipline.

i've been in a small creative slump over here. i have some sale/show opportunities coming up and i have been trying to come up with some new ideas. i have half ideas. good pencil drawings and then a pile like this:


i don't like it. i'm not finishing it. i'm uninspired.

i can't seem to find the balance between inspiration and dedication. plugging away at something i'm not excited about has never been easy for me. but i am pretty confident that if i tried a little harder- worked more carefully- i could do better. more.

and it's the case with so many areas. writing. housekeeping. parenting.

i know it's so easy to feel like you never do enough. and there is no way that i will ever accomplish all i can so easily think i should be doing. these expectations are not from my Father. He needs me to be relying on Him. remembering that He is upholding every action. every gift.

so i suppose that needs to be my conclusion. again. reliance. in using the gifts i enjoy. the things that are hard. the moments that are a challenge. He cares. He's here. He's involved.

i can rely. on His constancy, presence and care.

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