Wednesday, April 11, 2012


we got to go on a little adventure. into a forest and beside a river. what a great start, right?

well, it actually started very early (for us) in the morning. we drove out to a friend's house as they were letting us tag along to Pisgah for a class on life cycles. the drive out to her house was worth it. all by itself. even if the day was going to end up terribly. the drive through dew-flowers and morning mist made it worth it.

but, of course, the day just went up from there.


we learned the craziest stuff. God is amazing, folks. the stuff He has made- the systems that work- that i don't know a thing about- that i never pay any attention to- is astounding. mind blowing.



side-note: i'm so tickled by this young friendship. two boys who talk about birds and bugs, among other things. i'm a fan.


we picnicked and explored. parked by a noisy river and gazed at a waterfall. we moms each answered as many, "momma! momma!"s as we could. stopped for some cookies on the way home. and made it to our doors with happy kids. exhausted.


a good day.

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Lacey said...

It was a good day. A very good day.

Although seeing my photo taken from the back makes me think my skirt is too short for someone of my age. Uh-oh. And it's my favorite too. Hmmm.