Friday, July 20, 2012


canning books are appearing everywhere. blogs talking about preserving and old school tips applied to new recipes for jams and pickles. 

when my birthday came around this past february, i asked my sister for books. any kind of books she wanted to get me. reference books, cook books, story books. whatever. and she delivered well, as always. she got me Canning for a New Generation by Liana Krissoff. oh it is so much fun. 

i put out a facebook call asking if anyone had piles of canning jars lying around that they were not using. i didn't really expect an answer, but was blown away. samuel's Sunday school teacher when he was 4 said her mother-in-law just passed away and they had boxes and boxes of jars. she asked if i would like them?

so i have a cabinet in my laundry room now filled with jars. jars belonging to a woman i didn't know, but that held years worth of preserves. beyond special. 

strawberry jam was attempted earlier in the season and was a success. yum. i didn't make enough. 


we went blueberry picking. and my book, of course, had a recipe.


so my dear sister-in-law and i made some blueberry and apple jam. 


delicious. it ended up a little stiff. but, as it was my second time making jam, i'm tossing that up to a learning curve. we'll get there. i hope. 

and, once again, i didn't make enough. 

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