Tuesday, July 17, 2012

nothing much

my brain is a bit blank tonight. here are a few thoughts:

:: why does my daughter enjoy speaking in a baby voice and why does it bother me so much?

:: i'm so glad jason is home from a trip away from us. i miss his presence in our home and miss him sleeping next to me.

:: i love my extended family and wish they lived nearby.

:: seeing jason's pictures of his hike in colorado made me think about what i like about hiking. i need trees and green- less grey and rocks.

:: a sweet friend lent us her car for a month while she was telling people about Jesus in Slovenia. we had 2 cars for a whole month. it was dreamy. tomorrow it ends. and i will try to be only thankful.

:: i have all the ingredients to make my grandma's banana cake. it sounds so yummy. i can almost taste it. yet cannot bring myself to get up and make it.

:: sometimes i think i'm a pretty lazy person.

:: it is hot. really hot. the air is so heavy with it. weighty air. it's kinda gross.

and i think that is all. i'll try to be back by friday morning with something more cohesive.

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