Friday, July 13, 2012

the princess situation and a book review.

the other day, jason told kate, "you look beautiful today."

girl's response: " no i don't! my hair is not long."

oh disney. what are you doing to me?

we all know what is out there for little girls. lots of pretty stuff, some you-don't-have-to-be-pretty stuff, the list continues. there is no perfect book out there that will teach my daughter every facet of becoming a strong and gentle woman.

but i found this book. and it is a tiny start. the art is not perfect. i wish it was about people and not mice, but there is a lot of good here. a princess, yes, but no flowing hair.


the classic story, yes, but some beautiful twists and additions.

six fairies come to bless the baby girl with blessings like: a desire to learn, bravery, and dedication.


after the princess succumbs to the evil spell, she sleeps and dreams about love. not about a prince coming to rescue her, but the many forms love takes with all around us- love that shares, loves that is brave, love that is gentle and caring.


she wakes when a woodcutter comes to rescue her and they together set out to love with a gentle heart.


not perfect. i know. but better.

oh this little princess of mine (yes, i'm shaking my head as i type). what an adventure, right? i'll take whatever help i can get.

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Susanna Hindman said...

A beautiful start. Thanks for the reminder about how to encourage little girls in their true identity. And thanks for blessing us ladies at Refresh last night. I always love hearing you sing praise to Jesus.