Thursday, November 18, 2010

i'll show YOU gratitude... i got nothin

i couldn't find my hair brush this morning. a certain little girl has taken to wandering the house with it. and my bathroom smelled. and as i stood trying to yank a bright purple comb through my wet hair i reached a breaking point of crabby. and it wasn't even 8 o'clock yet. kate was whining about trains and i was pulling my scraggly hair through a tiny comb. and it was already too much for me to handle.

why is my joy so fleeting? my faithfulness so very fragile? i'm a willow tree bending wide and long after whichever breeze is blowing.

so i'm looking forward today. looking forward to a better road from here. for HIM to do good work in me. for HIM to be kind to my children. i will strive to keep my back to the wind of the Holy Spirit today and allow Him to propel me through the tasks, the smells, the tiny purple combs that will inevitably arrive.

He who promised is faithful.


erica said...

i can just picture your face..."everything bad happens to me...." i'm so sorry jo. may you find some laughter today.

Allie P said...

SO have days like that!! You are not alone my friend!

And when you lay down tonight, make sure that you take time to recognize the grace in your life today. The way the Spirit works when we can not, it's just amazing. Thank you Jesus for this gift. Because in spite of ourselves, You still see Christ's righteousness!!!

ethiHOPEia said...