Thursday, November 4, 2010

the shores of gratitude

we've had two rainy days in a row here. and we've been blessed. the cold rain reunites me with my red cardigan, forces cinnamon into my coffee and makes cuddling on the couch with little readers even more of a pleasure. we had to leave our cozy little cottage in order to head to target yesterday. so we stopped at dunkin' doughnuts and my kids (and, lets face it, me too) were in heaven. TWO doughnut holes?? must be somebody's birthday. i told samuel today was a great day for a treat, as i sipped my Gingerbread flavored coffee (that's right. went all out). and samuel said, "it's a great day for TWO treats!"

today we will sit inside, try out hannah's pumpkin bread, read aloud to little ears and get some knitting done. I finished all of my birds yesterday. so exciting. it's the weekend of Open Studios and my bird ornaments are being graciously hosted by a friend at the Gallery of Art and Light. i'll be there on Sunday from noon- 6pm. stop by if you're in the neighborhood! (and i'll stop with the links now. i will)

I'm teetering on the edge this morning. Ready to fall into a heart of gratitude, but tempted towards the dark valley of discontent. the loud children, the small spaces, the impending dark of the season all threaten my heart-- try to convince me that things are not as they should be.

oh may we all run off the edge today and plunge into the welcoming shore of gratitude. He is faithful friends.

(a few of my right-now favorite photos. all by my lovely sister-in-law. she rocks.)





i love this photo.


Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to accept that my being annoyed by the children bouncing loudly off the walls is actually discontent. Darn you Jo! :)

alli said...

thanks for the great post, jo. i was very convicted yesterday of my ungrateful heart. and thanks for the laugh, beth. i need to listen to the song again today!

laurenc said...

Jo, I'm always encouraged by your posts...this has been a battle for contentment this morning in my home as well..on a number of levels. The main thing that sent me on a much-to-fast downward spiral was stepping on the scale this a.m. Arg. Such a Barbie gripe, but it got me.

Then, after grape fruit breakfast, and carrot juice lunch I saw your pumpkin bread link..dang it. I think it must be's cold and rainy outside and carrot juice is just not sufficient for today. Maybe tomorrow but not today. ;)

Pursuing a grateful heart.. we are daughters of the Most High after all. (!!!) Thanks Jo.

joanna said...

you all make me laugh.

and i love how this blog forces me to the truth. God uses it to take my heart there. i can't end a post in the despair i often love to wallow in. again-- love walking with each of you. community rocks.

Anonymous said...

"A Barbie gripe!" Too funny Lauren!

alli said...

by the way, beautiful picture of you and jason!

joanna said...

thanks! i LOVE that picture.

erica said...

you guys are so cute. what great shots mindy! also, that post made me long to be in your house, all cozy together. soon, right?

j.k.m. said...

these are great pictures!

Allie P said...

I love the pic of you and Jason too. It's so natural, so you. =)

And Lauren, daughters of the Most High. Love it. It's like we're in a clique! The best kind.