Monday, August 1, 2011

building towers

i woke up this morning and plugged in the camera to see and recall what our weekend was filled with. i couldn't remember what i'd taken pictures of, and, usually, my photos write these posts for me.

well, i found only 4 pictures, and they all looked something like this:


and that's pretty much our weekend. being at home. building towers. we had a beautiful sunday night with good good friends, but otherwise... tower building.

jason and kate went out on saturday to run an errand. samuel and i stayed home and i tried to have a little play date. he and i have not been really getting along these past few days and i wanted to try to just spend some time.

so we built a marble run and raced marbles. we played trains (i was james), picked up 'coal' and whizzed around the track. and it was so good.

so good to spend time, uninterrupted with my boy. i didn't even take pictures. i didn't answer the phone. i made him the priority.

and after jason got home, he could immediately see the difference in our boy. the kid was happier, kinder, more ready to share what was going on in his head.

and as he headed off to bed, giving me a little 'i love you' hand-sign, i felt a quick pang of guilt that more time hasn't been spent with him. how easily i turn into a 14 year old who feels slighted/annoyed by the words of my kid and then oh-so-subtly doesn't really look- doesn't take the time- to get on the floor and just be. to get on eye-level and instead of talking... listen.

a reminder for me. and a gift of a night. a weekend of what looks like nothing special. but... building towers can be pretty cool. pretty stinkin' cool.

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alli said...

such a good reminder to just listen - and it was a beautiful, beautiful night!