Friday, September 16, 2011

getting lost

things are quiet over here. the day is cloudy and cold. it makes me happy. but the week has been mellow. haven't been able to find my feet very well.

i know you already know this, but-- sometimes things just don't work out like you thought they would. the road you thought was clear doesn't end up at the place you set out for. the drive can be lovely, but when you stop the car, you are confused. "how did we get here? where are we?"

and life here has had a little of that flavor for some years now. i stopped making goals and plans because they never end up being what i thought they would. i know the reality is that i'm along for the ride. Jesus has the control over my life and He is taking me where He wants me to go. do i have a clue what that means? no. He has provided a few broad promises that are my only answer. and my only hope.

He will never leave nor forsake me.

His plans for me are good.

I can hope in my eternal home.

He is good, kind, just and loving.

He is my leader, caregiver, provider (aka shepherd)

He is all i need.

He is. all i need. i will remember. even though i can feel lost and aimless. i need nothing but what He has already given. He will never love me more than now. right now. sitting here with my tea in my little warm house. miraculous.

and more than enough.


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