Tuesday, December 6, 2011

coffee and christmas

i broke yet another french press. this one lasted pretty long, i have to say. but it shattered nicely in the sink. it has passed one.

there are two and a half weeks until christmas. i can hold out, right?

here's the system i've invented:


so if you come to my house for coffee... be prepared for a muslin filter. it has turned out pretty well, though. clean and delicious. man i love coffee.

anyway-- our house is in the throws of holiday festivities. i've got spritz dough in the fridge for us to bake today. the tree is up and the lights are out. i made a batch of caramels to give as gifts to friends. but i was skyping with my sister during the last steps (i know. not smart) and they cooked for too long. they are too hard to inflict upon anyone's jaw/fillings. so we are stuck with the whole pan. a whole pan of dark caramel pieces... bummer...

i hope the holiday season is settling in well at your house. we're doing our best to anticipate-long for- remember our need for the Savior who came. happy Christmas-time, friends.


1 comment:

erica said...

desperate times call for desperate measures. i think you did a great job with your new system.