Friday, December 2, 2011

jesse tree


we are trying out the Jesse Tree tradition over here this year. i've been trying to come up with something to fill our advent anticipation with scripture and direction. i wanted to make my own, but ann already did.


we'll see how it goes. i'm hopeful. for more reminders of Him in this busy december that now greets us.

what about you? do you have any advent traditions that you love? ways to keep your and your family's eyes fixed on Him? i'd really love to hear. really.


Skooks said...

I've been wanting to do a Jesse Tree for years, and this year I finally got my act together. I am really enjoying the time we spend each night with the kids reading about God's family and why Jesus had to come in the first place. I'm posting on it daily if you're interested in stopping by. :)

Howard said...

I like Ann's too! I have another one I collected that is a little shorter and simpler if you want- I can attach it in an email. It has a verse, a short story, discussion question, prayer and song. Email me at if you wanna see it.