Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my favorite chair

i'm sitting in my favorite chair at my sister's house. here at 3 am. can't sleep.

we are leaving for home tomorrow morning. well, this morning. and my mind is filled with thoughts and plans.

the wind is blowing so loudly outside. but it is beautifully warm in this wonderful house. i love being here. love being with my sister every day. making breakfast for our kids together. watching the cousins play. seeing our boys head down to the basement with their headlamps on- "on a mission" together. and it's hard to jump into the car and drive to a place so far from here. even though i love so many things about my home- there are so many people i love. still, i will miss this so very much. miss her. miss them. and that's just what is.

i hope your holiday was beautiful and celebratory. ours was sweet. i'm looking forward to a fresh start. a new year. i'm big on reflections and summaries and there's no better time for it than the start of another trip around the sun.

i really should get back to bed. but i'll probably sit here, in my favorite chair, for a bit longer. it's hard to say goodbye.

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